Take a peek behind the front door

This October, Wandsworth artists invite you into their homes and creative spaces.

This is an excellent chance to meet artists and makers and browse and buy art without paying gallery prices.

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About Wandsworth Artists' Open House

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Wandsworth Artists' Open House is a convenient and affordable exhibition opportunity for all creative makers in Wandsworth to show and sell work from their home or studio.

A chance for visitors to enjoy a wide range of arts and crafts in welcoming and unintimidating environments – to meet the artist, find out more about how the work was made, and buy from them personally.

Artists gain in experience - testing new work and developing their practise. They also benefit from getting connected with local networks of other creative makers – being part of something bigger and making new friends.

No venue to open or out on a limb? You may be able to share at another open house, or invite artists to join you at your house and increase the attraction for visitors.

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